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BabyList Registry Review

BabyList Registry Review

With my recent announcement that I’m going to be a mama soon, there are tons of exciting things going on and more in store for the months to come! I’ll admit, finding out you are pregnant is kind of surreal at first, especially when it is something you have been looking forward to for so long and then one day it finally happens! I am sure there are stages to the “realness” of having a baby- for me there was initial shock from my little test strip with two lines. Then, there was the confirmation ultrasound, the anatomy ultrasound where we found out we were having a little boy and the last one came when I actually started creating my baby registry. I guess there’s something about picking out little personalized outfits and goodies just for my little one, specifically with him in mind that made the experience feel almost as if it were another way to bond. Needless to say, building my baby registry was not only exciting, but super fun as well.

So, I just wanted to go a little more into how I went about setting up my registry, because when I first thought about creating one, I was soooooo overwhelmed by the possibilities and overload of information about creating one. Not to mention, when reading online or just talking with other mamas, you hear a lot of “oh, you don’t really need that….”, “this is a waste of money”, “you have to have this for sure!...”, “put everything you can think of on there, the more the better!” and “that isn’t really something you should put on a registry….”. Basically, everything under the sun regarding do’s and don’ts are brought up and it can get a little stressful if I am honest (even though it really shouldn’t be in the first place-this is a time to enjoy and look forward to all these little milestones).

Fortunately for me, my sister had a baby just a few months ago and she has been a huge help in giving me advice and support about anything and everything. I remember when we threw her baby shower, that she was registered online at a website that grouped all of your items in one spot without having to say “so-in-so is registered at Target, Babies R’Us and Walmart”. I thought that was pretty neat because it simplified things. So, of course when she asked if I had started my registry she mentioned BabyList and recommended me using it since she had like it so much when she used it. I thought, why not?! And thus, a newfound motivation for starting my registry was found!




Babylist can be downloaded for free right to your phone, or you can go to their website on your desktop and download the Babylist “pinning” bar add-on. This essentially acts similar to Pinterest in the fact that you can go to any website and click the “Add to Babylist” button which directly links to your account. The app on your phone works similarly as once you have it downloaded, you have the option to either search within the app and add items to your registry, or you can surf the web and “send” the item to Babylist (like you would if you were sending a link or image to a message, email or note). What’s neat is that you can edit the quantity and description of the items you add and it automatically shows a price comparison for place like Amazon and Target which are originally suggested sites with the Babylist app. You can also add price comparisons from other sites/stores like Walmart and Babies R’Us , but this is a little time consuming so I gave up after a few times of looking for those. While some people may prefer to see items in person and register the traditional way in-store, I was perfectly fine adding all of my items from the comfort of my couch 😊 I also preferred doing everything online because I used the filter for best reviews on products to pick out the majority of my items. In store, you don’t have the feedback to help you make a decision on the pros and cons of different brands of items. Of course this is just my personal preference ;P. If you do decide to go the route of the traditional registry *because who doesn’t love to scan everything with those magical remotes?!* , then the good news is Babylist will let you upload your registry to your account! I think this is the best thing about the app because instead of people having to search through different registries or go to different stores to get everything, they can get it all in one place.  The main thing to remember is that your registry will give people an idea of your tastes and preferences and then most people will go where they feel most comfortable shopping , to look for the gift that they choose.

As if the  simplicity of the site and app aren’t enough, you also receive a free welcome box when you sign up and complete the enrollment steps. I am not sure if every welcome box is the same, but mine came with the following items:

  •                                 A variety of  coupons and discount cards for several baby themed websites (including a$50 babysitting giftcard for Urbansitter.)
  •                                 Breastfeeding starter pack from Kiinde
  •                                 Pampers travel bag with pamper/wipe sample and coupon booklet
  •                                 Cetaphil Baby Variety travel pack (lotion, diaper cream, oil)
  •                                 BabyList registry card inserts for shower invitations (25 count)
  •                                 Registry Item Tip Guide (includes 10% registry discount and free shipping over $25 for Babylist.com

I know that completing a registry online isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but overall it worked out great for me! With a fun and user-friendly app and the ability to combine multiple registries into one, I feel like Babylist is the perfect solution for taking some of the hectic out of an already busy and exciting time for mama-to-bes 😊 I’d love to hear your ideas on your baby registry below! Let me know your registry tips, must-haves and anything in-between, that’s what us mamas (newbies and veterans)  are here for !


As always, Be Blessed!

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