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22 Ways to Savor  Your Summer

22 Ways to Savor Your Summer

Hey Hey! So, I know it is already nearing the end of August and summer technically only has about three and a half weeks left (that is right people, we are already three quarters of the way through this year!) I just thought I would throw out some fun and mostly inexpensive ways to enjoy the rest of the summer while the sun is still hot and the days are still bright!

I know sometimes it can be so hot and humid outside that venturing out is not always the most desirable way to spend our summers, so I have compiled a nice mixture of in and outdoor ideas to make the most of what summer time is left.  What’s even better is that even after these hot summer days are gone, you can still take most of these ideas and incorporate them throughout the year! It is like the gift that just keeps on giving ;)


1)      Revisit your Childhood-  Seriously, do you remember how much fun slip and slides and water balloon fights were?! Head to your local dollar store and spend a couple of dollars on hours of fun and reminiscing (and beat the heat in the process).

2)      Drive-Ins-  What’s more nostalgic than an outdoor movie with friends for a girl’s night out, or a romantic date night with your man? Most drive-ins are relatively cheap compared to movie theatres. Some charge per car and some per person, but either way the going rate is normally around five or so dollars per admission. Here is a link to find a local drive-in near you! 

3)      Camp out in your Backyard- Who says you have to drive hundreds of miles to get the full camping experience? Build a campfire and pitch a tent or sleep under the stars in a pillow and blanket filled Blow-up pool. --> I saw this on Pinterest and not only is it cozy, but it is super fun even as adults;). Make sure you don’t forget the marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey’s Chocolate, because you know camping isn’t camping without a s’more or two!

4)      Get Physical-  Go to the gym together and work out, or go mono y mono in the sport of your choice to get those endorphins going. My husband and I personally enjoy playing tennis or running together J Biking in the summer is also fun, especially if you have a pool or “watering hole” as we call it in the south, to cool off in afterwards.

5)      Make Something Together- Grow a garden, attend a Painting or Pottery class or find a DIY project you can call your own. Working on creating something together is a great way to connect on a more cognitive level and you get a keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come;)

6)      Visit Historic Sites- Most towns have been around for a while and have a “historic” area with mostly free shops and attractions (some attractions may have a small admissions fee but you can feel better about spending the money by knowing this generally covers costs to maintain and preserve the sites) Plan a day or two of exploration of your local history or venture out and tackle an out of state landmark/attraction.

 taken from pexels.com

taken from pexels.com

7)      Take a Spontaneous Road Trip- Whether you go to the beach for the day or drive to the nearest amusement park, sometimes just getting in a car and driving is an adventure in itself. And all those little “hole in the wall” eateries along the way, eat there. They often have the best food (for the most reasonable prices, might I add ;) Bring along a camera and take pictures of the people you meet and places you go.  

8)      Do a Scavenger Hunt- These are SO fun! You can find templates online for free or make up your own! Go with a group of friends and travel near or far to “collect” items on your list . You can take it a step further if you have several people and compete to see who can collect the most tasks/items in a certain amount of time. Losers buy winner’s dinner ;)

9)      Cook Together- I know in the summertime, we often feel too hot to “slave over the stove all day , but taking the time to cook with your significant other is both fun and romantic. Of course you have to have something sweet, so take the extra time to bake a little something for dessert!

10)   Go to the Zoo or Aquarium- These types of trips are relatively cheap, but again, remember the money you do spend goes to preserve and run these types of services. Pack and take your own lunch to save money because concessions will really break the bank if you are not careful. Are you a student? Most of these state facilities give a discount when you show your ID.

11)   Go Fishing- Not only is there an unexplainable thrill when you get a bite and are reeling something in, but it is always nice to see the sun setting on the water at the end of the day. I personally love the quiet of nature around you mixed with the natural sounds of crickets and tree frogs in the background. Very therapeutic ;)

12)   Have a Bonfire- whether you have friends over or it’s just you, there is nothing quite like relaxing next to a nice fire throughout the night.

13)   Go to Dinner Somewhere that has a Live Band- Especially during the summer when there is a nice breeze and the sun is going down, I love to look for a restaurant with a nice patio section. The only downside to these types of venues is if the mosquitos are out, so make sure you bring some OFF wipes just in case! This is a great way to meet and hear new (and local) bands that can come in handy for another time you need something fun to do!

14)   Watch for Meteor Showers ( Or as We Call Them, Shooting Stars)  - Nothing quite like looking at the Stars, especially when you have someone to share it with . Find a nice place away from bright lights, make a pallet and get comfy for a night of star gazin’ and wishful  thinkin’.



15)   Go to a Highschool Sports Game- Not only do these help make you young again (while making you feel old in the process), but it is nice to run into old teachers or classmates that you haven’t seen in 10 years every once in a while. There is something special about walking on your old stomping grounds and going back a decade or two to all of those wonderfully awkward adolescent years. What's better? These games are year round, which means you always have the opportunity for a low-key but fun date night!

16)   Go Canoeing or Paddleboarding- These are some fun ways to stay cool, but don’t let them fool you.  You will get a nice workout just as much as a tan if you spend the day doing this, so make sure you lather on the sunscreen, wear something comfortable and stay hydrated:)

17)   Visit Natural Parks- Most of the time these are free of charge (winning!) and help to get you at one with nature. Take your camera, take your pet, go for a hike or just sightsee and enjoy your natural habitat!

18)   Go Swimming in a Pond- No pool? No problem! Plus, a pond sounds more adventurous than a pool anyways, right? Depending on where you live (in the south, ponds and lakes are abundant) , get together with some friends for a day on the water!  Pack a cooler and some chairs and spend the day lakeside. What’s better? If you know someone who has a boat, take it out for a ride and go tubing, or just cruise and booze :P * just kidding, that is the only thing that rhymed ;) no drinking and driving!

19)   Go to a Water Park- This can be a little pricey but it will basically provide you a whole day of fun! Pack a lunch so you don’t have to spend extra money on all of those overpriced concessions and carpool with a group to get discounted tickets!

20)   Have a Cook Out, Potluck Style- When in doubt, eat! Haha! Who doesn’t love to greet, meet and eat?! Have each guest bring a dish and beverages of choice to keep the cost of hosting down. In addition to minimizing costs, this is also a cool way to get some awesome new recipes in the process!



21)   Have a Night in of Board Game Battles- Nothing is more classic than a good ole-fashioned game of Clue or Monopoly to see who reigns supreme in the world of Milton Bradley. The more the merrier- so invite some friends, have some chips and salsa, and battle it out in an assortment of old-school games. Some of my favorites are Pictionary, Catchphrase, Cranium, Balderdash, Trivial Pursuit and last but not least, Apples to Apples. 

22)   Play Hookey- This is my favorite….Just kidding! If you can spare a day off of work, then by all means, take a day to yourself and just enjoy doing nothing! So many times, our weekends are spent with errands we couldn’t run during the week and we end up losing our “lazy days”. I am not necessarily saying call in sick and lie….but ask your boss or supervisor if you can take a day off if nothing too crazy is going on at work. Hang out at home, or go to a matinee movie , have a spa day and get some icecream ;)


Well, there you have it! Plenty of ideas to get you going in case you have run out of ideas to make the most of the rest of your summer! Have any cool ideas I missed? I would love to hear your comments and thoughts!  Thanks for checking in!


Blessings and Sunshine!

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